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Trail to Prestkampen

Prestkampen is the highest peak at Skeikampen, where you get a most wonderful view. This is a route for seasoned walkers. 

Prestkampen is the highest peak at Skeikampen, at 1244 meters above sea level. From the summit there is a wonderful view of large areas of the Gausdal Valley and Peer Gynt's Kingdom, and towards Rondane in the north and Jotunheimen in the northwest.

This is a more demanding route. The walk is 12-16 km long and takes 4-6 hours depending on the choice of trails. It is a route for seasoned walkers and not recommended for small children. 

The rout up to Prestkampen starts from Skitorget (information sign).

Either follow the gravel track leading towards the summit of Skeikamen. When the road ends, follow the slalom route up to the chair lift. When you arrive at the top station of the chair lift, follow the path leading eastwards towards Steinhytta cabin. This is an easy way of picking up the northbound yellow trail. Yellow arrow is painted on the cabin. Follow the path for about an hour, until you come to a crossing where the yellow trail crosses the orange trail. 

Or, follow the gravel track leading towards the summit of Skeikamen. When the road ends, head to the right (east) and continue along the road which crosses the mountain horizontally. Follow the road until you see the orange trail on the left-hand side. This path follows the lower side of the ridge up to the crossing point.

Then follow the yellow trail northwards towards Avlundkampen. Pass over Avlundkampen and head to the right (east) along the orange trail. Follow the path to Gammeldalen and take the left-hand path (northwards) at the crossing. Follow the purple trail to the summit.

The final climb to the top of Prestkampen is rather steep. At the top there's a wonderful view towards Rondane in the north and Jotunheimen in the northwest.'

Follow the purple trail down again. From here there are 4 possible routes back to starting point:

- Continue down the purple/orange trail to the left (eastwards) towards Gammeldalen, and return along the gravel track (heading south) from Torsdalen. This route is about 6 km. It is an easy return route. 

- Return the way you came, over Avlundkampen and back to the path crossing. If you take the left-hand path (east), you will follow the lower side of the Skeikampen ridge back to your starting point. From here, there is a good view over the golf course. This route is about 5 km.

- Take the path to the right (west) at the path crossing. This route takes you over the western side of the mountain, with views over the Peer Gynt Road, Skeistua Guest House and Skei Mountain Church. The route is about 6 km long and takes you into Peer Gynt's Kingdom with its mountain birch and willows.

- Follow the yellow trail (southwards) over the top and down from Skeikampen. The path down from the top is very steep in some parts, descending 350 metres in 1.5 km. Not recommended for those with bad knees. This route is about 6km.

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Trail to Prestkampen

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