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The culture destination Ramme

Ramme is unique compared to anything else you've experienced, and the place is still a hidden gem half an hour south of Oslo. At Ramme, you can immerse yourself in art, culture and nature experiences that open up your horizons. In the middle in between the forest and the fjord, you will find the adventurous Havlystparken, Ramme picture gallery, Edvard Munch's villa, Ramme fjord hotel, and organic eating places such as Ramme kro and restaurant, cafe and farm shop.

Edvard Munch's villa

Edvard Munch bought the property Nedre Ramme in 1910, and kept it until his death in 1944. Several of his monumental works were created here. A separate cultural trail shows the way to the colorful motifs and the landscape that inspired them. Shortly after the takeover, Edvard Munch wrote to his aunt: The place I have is almost the most beautiful along the entire coast. And that is no understatement. It is obvious that the beautiful coastal landscape and surrounding forest inspired our greatest artist.

After many years of restoration, the villa has been returned to its original condition. Entering is like stepping into another time, and you can almost feel Munch's spirit in the house. Ramme offers Munch walks, where you can join a walk in the coastal landscape and the surrounding forest, you get to enter the villa, and finally down into the exhibition room in the picture gallery, where Edvard Munch's original art is displayed.

See more about Edvard Munch's villa here.

Ramme art gallery

The underground Ramme art gallery displays our own collection of art created in, or inspired by, Hvitsten. Ramme art gallery permanent collection includes works by e.g. Christian and Oda Krohg, Frits Thaulow, Theodor Kittelsen, Paul Fischer, Oscar Wergeland and Edvard Munch. Our visual universe is closely linked to Edvard Munch, and many of our famous artists from this period. Here they kept their house in the summer, and here we show their pictures in all their glory.

This year's main exhibition, Edv. Munch at Ramme featuring works on paper, shows works he created on paper during his time at Ramme. This includes graphics, watercolors and drawings. The gallery also shows an exhibition on European garden art, developed after Drammen Museum's exhibition, so that Havlystparken can be seen in connection with its sources of inspiration.


Havlystparken is a beautiful garden developed over several decades. No other park in Norway is as diverse and inspiring. All the different plants, the little surprises and the visual excess characterize the entire facility.

Ramme's gardeners ensure that each season is worth a separate journey. In the heart of the park is an outdoor stage where you can experience theater performances and concerts. Close to the stage are Korshaven and Paléhaven. This is a unique arena for companies and gatherings. Here it is arranged for larger and smaller groups for dining and entertainment. The park also contains sculptures ranging from ancient times via mythology and classical style to our own time. Here you can experience works by artists such as Frans and Nico Widerberg, Peter Linde, Marian Heyerdahl and Per Ung.

The wagon and sleigh collection

In "Vognremissen" you will have the opportunity to experience a collection of historic wagons and sledges, with a wide range of age and country of origin. The oldest sleds in the collection are two baroque shell sleds from the Netherlands from approx. 1650. Otherwise, there is a wide selection of wagons and sledges from Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Great Britain, France, Sicily, Spain, the USA, Indonesia and China.

The main part of the collection is from around 1900, but several are from the 18th and mid-19th centuries. In the collection are several English carriages, i.a. a London city omnibus from approx. 1900, with passenger seats on two floors and with original painted advertising. Others include a Wells Fargo Concord Coach (U.S. Mail) from the United States in 1865. This coach was used as a passenger and mail coach across the prairie.

Organic farming

Ramme has run organic farming since 1986, and cares for livestock breeds threatened with extinction, which are an important part of cultural history and genetic diversity. The visitor farm is open every day in season, where you can join the feeding round and greet the woolly pigs, rabbits, sheep and the three emus. In the greenhouses you can see where the food served comes from, and if you ask a gardener on your way, you will certainly get good advice on how to succeed in the garden at home.

Food and drink

Ramme kro and restaurant, and Ramme café and farm shop serve local, short-traveled and organic food and drink. Here you will find the whole spectrum from good pastries, via healthy soups to elaborate servings of the highest class. The raw materials are Debio-certified, preferably grown on the farm or sourced from the local area. You can also find many of the items in the farm shop, along with great gifts and everything for the garden.

Ramme fjord hotel

Ramme fjordhotell is a newly built art hotel, and consists of two buildings that offer a lot of architectural history: The hostel is a half-timbered building in the 1780s style, inspired by architecture and building customs in Sweden and Denmark/Norway. The building has many beautiful craftsmanship details and a majestic red facade. The rooms have been named after Kristiania-bohemen and Fred. Olsen shipping companies, which have left their mark on local history.

The distillery is a brick factory building in the 1880s style. Here you will find the reception and facilities such as sauna, bar, library, meeting room, lounge, roof terrace with hot tub and observation tower. The Brenneriet is decorated with Edvard Munch as a theme. Common areas are named after the places and cities Munch frequented. Pictures he painted on the spot have given names to the guest rooms and are reproduced on the walls. If you are holding a conference or a wedding, you cannot get a finer setting for the experience.

The cultural program

The cultural program at Ramme ranges from chamber music with the country's leading performers, via outdoor theater with internationally known ensembles, to tours and cultivation inspiration. All the senses should be tickled through a look at the near and distant past, as well as a small taste of the future. Ramme offers, depending on the season, daily tours in Havlystparken, Munch walking, and tours in the Ramme picture gallery. At weekends you can experience various events that vary with the seasons: Garden days in spring, autumn market and Christmas market, children's day and various themed weekends. 

Access to Ramme

With your own car - exit Vestby syd, follow signs to Hvitsten and Ramme. With public transport, take the train to Vestby. Then taxi. Ramme is working to create an environmentally friendly bus solution.

See for more information.

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The culture destination Ramme

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