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Stiklestad Pirgrim Centre

Stiklestad Pilgrim Center is located at Stiklestad National Cultural Center and is responsible for St. Olavsleden in Norway. The centre works with infrastructure, marketing and information for pilgrims.

Pilgrimage offer

Stiklestad Pilgrim Centre work closely with Stiklestad nasjonale kultursenter and hotel about offers and information for pilgrims. The reception is open 24/7 and pilgrims are offered both discounted and historic accommodation at the Stiklastadir medieval farm and the hotel. It is also possible to get a tour of the museum and the medieval church from 1180. Stiklestad church is open during the summer season every day at. 11am - 6pm.

About the pilgrimage trail St. Olavsleden
St. Olavsleden is the northernmost pilgrim path in the world, extending from the Baltic sea to the Atlantic sea, through Sweden to Norway. It is 564 km long and takes 30 days to walk. 
The St. Olavsleden starts in the town of Selånger, on the east coast of Sweden and ends in the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. A distance of 580 kilometers from start to finish! It follows parts of the road that Olav Haraldsson traveled when he returned from Novgorod in Russia in the summer of 1030 to recapture the Norwegian throne. A journey that ended with the battle of Stiklestad, the death of Olav Haraldsson and the start of the era of St. Olav.

Read about the various stages of the pilgrimage trail St. Olavsleden

Plan your own walk and download maps here.

Choose from several types of package solutions including musical walks, guided day trips, hiking with focus on body and soul. Book a package trip that suits you.

Please contact us if you have any queries or would like assistance in planning your pilgrim walk along the St. Olavleden pilgrimage trail.

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Stiklestad Pirgrim Centre

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