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Rondanevegen - Nasjonalturistveg Rondane


National Tourist Route Rondane is one of 18 selected road sections in Norway. It runs from Muen and Sollia Church to Folldal.

The road follows the east side of Rondane Na- tional Park, and switches between cultural landscape and a majestic mountain mas- sif. The drive along the Blue Mountains is a voyage of discovery in nature, culture and geology. By Atnasjøen, you can experience the po- werful view from Sohlbergplassen. Go for a walk to Fallfossen and The Old Grimsa Bridge or take a break at Strømbu Rest Area. The Rest Area is the starting point for hikes from the east, and for mountain hikes in Al- vdal Vestfjell and Breisjøseter Tourist Cabin. In Folldal, you can visit the old Mine society and enjoy the panorama from the viewpoint.

Gateway Ringebu: When you have driven on the E6 highway from Oslo, the National Tou- rist Route Rondane can start from Ringebu. From there you can drive over the mountains, Venabygdsfjellet, and down where you can choose to drive towards Hjerkinn in the west and Alvdal in the east.

Gateway Atna: If you have driven on route no. 3 from Elverum, you can start from Atna and drive north-westwards. Again, you can choose whether to drive towards Hjerkinn or Alvdal.

Gateway Hjerkinn: If you are starting from Dovrefjell and west, Hjerkinn is an excellent gateway for your trip along the Rondanevegen. From the mountain plateau on Dovrefjell, the route leads to Folldal. On the right-hand side, you will see the contours of the Rondane mountains after only a few kilometres.

Gateway Alvdal: If you are coming from the north-east and Røros or perhaps from Sweden, you will start from Alvdal. While you are driving, you will see the start of the Rondane moun- tains on the east, and from Folldal you will drive through the distinctive landscape for which the Rondane mountains are renowned.

Fonte: Nasjonalparkriket Reiseliv AS


Rondanevegen - Nasjonalturistveg Rondane


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