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Bø Sommarland Waterpark

Scandinavia's largest waterpark, Bø Sommarland, is one of Telemark's most visited attractions with more than 20 different pools and slides.

Bø Sommarland is Scandinavia's largest water park with attractions for the whole family. Experience, among other things, this year's (2024) novelty HiwiHuhu, Scandinavia's LARGEST splash land, Kånns Tiki (novelty 2023), Europe's largest water roller coaster, Mot i Brøstet, and a 9-meter free fall in the iconic Magasuget.

HiwiHuhu (New in 2024)
Triple fun! Zip down 110 meters face to face with two others. Laughter will roll when you see their expressions! When you're sent down the slide over 10 meters high, you'll swoosh into a dark and enclosed circle. Then you'll swing through two open circles before safely reaching the bottom.
HiwiHuhu is our first slide where three people can slide simultaneously. It's also our only slide where you sit face to face. In addition to the three-person boat, the slide has two-person and one-person boats. So, you have three options. Whatever you choose, it's insanely fun to zip down HiwiHuhu!
HiwiHuhu means "swoosh-swoosh" and is the highlight of our new area Te Tonga, which was the big news of the year in 2023.

Kånns Tiki – Scandinavia's largest splash land! (New in 2023)
Kånns Tiki is a crazy fun water playground spanning 800 square meters. The splash land is designed for our youngest guests (0-10 years). Here, children can explore, play, and unleash their imagination in safe surroundings. The area is filled with nearly 100 fun figures and elements, including a tower with four small slides.

Among Europe's best
Bø Sommarland features some of Europe's largest and most spectacular water activities. Here are just a few of them. Visit to learn more and book tickets!

Vassføyka is a giant slide with four lanes, where you can race your friends! You lie on special mats and spin through a dark tunnel before reaching a top speed of 45 km/h on the home stretch. Who will get down first?

Mot i Brøstet
One of Europe's largest water roller coasters! An activity that really gives you butterflies in your stomach, but it's not scarier than being suitable for most people.

At Bø Sommarland, you'll find one of Europe's largest water halfpipes! Here, you launch off the edge of a large halfpipe in a rubber boat for two. The halfpipe is for the bravest.

Insanely fun for the whole family
Bø Sommarland offers a varied range of water activities for both young and old. Here, the whole family can have fun! In addition to challenging slides for those who really want to test their courage, you'll also find calm and more relaxing water slides and swimming pools in the park.

Fun for toddlers
Bø Sommarland has several areas for the little ones. The Te Tonga area with the splash land Kånns Tiki is specifically designed for our youngest guests (0-10 years).
In the Water Park, you'll find a large pool with multiple levels and small water slides. At Bøverstranda, you can relax on a sun lounger while the toddlers enjoy the shallow part of the heated pool.

Safe surroundings
Bø Sommarland puts safety first. This means you can safely let the children enjoy water activities that suit them, and even the most daring slides are safe for everyone.

Pre-purchase tickets at Note! Bø Sommarland has capacity limitations. This means that sold-out days may occur. Therefore, you should pre-purchase tickets at to secure your entry to the insanely fun water park.
If you have a season pass at Bø Sommarland, you get free entry to TusenFryd and 17 other European parks!

Opening hours
Bø Sommarland is open every day from mid-June to mid-August.

Accessible for guests with disabilities
Bø Sommarland wants as many people as possible to have the opportunity for fantastic summer memories with family and friends – and with simple measures, Bø Sommarland can accommodate guests with disabilities! The park also supports the Sunflower Badge.

An overview of offerings and accommodations can be seen here:
• Wheelchairs for rent that can be used in the park, including one that can be used in water
• Tickets and companion scheme
• Bø Sommarland is proud to support the Sunflower Badge
• Outlets in the park cater to all types of food intolerances and allergies
• Service dogs are welcome but must be kept on a leash and away from the pools
• Designated route in the park for wheelchairs, strollers, and walkers
• Toilets and changing rooms adapted for guests with disabilities
• Quiet areas in slightly secluded surroundings

How to get to Bø Summerland
Bø Sommarland is located 5 km outside of Bø center. By car, it takes about 2 hours from Oslo and 2.5 hours from Kristiansand.

Bø is a public transport hub, so you can easily get to the park without a car. Both buses and trains stop at Bø Station, where the local bus can take you to Bø Sommarland.

Additional Products
• VIP Cabana
• Luxury Sun Lounger
• All Inclusive

Become a VIP GUEST for an extra special day
If you want to make your stay in the water park extra memorable, you can book one or more of our VIP products. Rent a Cabana – your own sanctuary for the day, or a luxury sun lounger with fantastic views of the Water Park. Choose All Inclusive! for unlimited food, drinks, and ice cream all day. Cabanas and Luxury Sun Loungers should be pre-booked online as there is limited availability.

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Bø Sommarland Waterpark

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