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TripAdvisor rating of 4.5


Øyna hotel - a cultural landscape hotel

- Accommodtion with panoramic views in the middle of the cultural landscae in Inderøy

At Øyna kulturlandskapshotell you stay in modern rooms in beautiful surroundings integrated into the landscape. The hotel is at the top of Inderøy, with an incredible view over the Trondheimsfjord, the Fosen Alps and the Golden Road.

Øyna feature 18 spectacular hotel rooms, 2 of which are suites. Each room has large windows and its own balcony and the rooms hang out over the landscape which gives you a feeling of floating.

Øyna have 6 e-bikes for rent at a price of NOK 600 per day. 

Electric car charging
Øyna hver 4 chargers, 35KWh. Payment via app; Zaptech, or via the home page. (Payment information can be found on the charges also).


Fonte: Innherred Reiseliv


Øyna hotel - a cultural landscape hotel

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