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Nedre Heidal
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Via Ferrata | Explore Sjoa

Now you can soar in the air with great views of Sjoa and the surrounding mountains!

We have made climbing available to more people, and now offer Via Ferrata in Sjoa, Gudbrandsdalen. Wearing a helmet, harness and sling, you can climb the vertical route up towards Slåfjellet. The Via Ferrata is on a vertical wall, so it is steep from the start. You will get a feeling for how the trip will be straight away. Once you have climbed to the top, a 30-meter long balance bridge over a steep gorge is waiting to challenge you. The wire bridge is optional, so if it is not for you, you can sit back, relax and enjoy friends cross the bridge instead.

It is a spectacular climbing trail where nature, views and a feeling of mastery are in focus.

Explore Sjoa offers guided tours from May to October. If you have experience with Via Ferrata and climbing, you can rent equipment and climb on your own.

Explore Sjoa also offer adventure activities like, rafting in Sjoa, canyoning, riverboard and rope activities. Once you have made your way to Sjoa, we recommend that you stay for several nights so you can explore the diversity of the area. Our activity packages includes accommodation, activities and food.

Fonte: Nasjonalparkriket Reiseliv AS


Via Ferrata | Explore Sjoa

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