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USF Verftet

Bergen's main venue for rock, jazz and contemporary culture. Concerts, films, festivals and art exhibitions all year around. Café with fjord view.

During the summer season we welcome you to our additional outside venue with free events, music, yoga and great food, bonfires and late night sunsets. The seaside café Kippers has plenty of seating and great views over the fjord, even on rainy days. Relaxed and informal athmosphere. A rich and diverse program is presented from independent art groups, promotors and festival organisers. About 150.000 visitors come to attend an array of art and cultural events every year.

USF is a legedary venue for jazz in Norway and hosts the Nattjazz festival in May each year, as well as friday night jazz concerts throughout the year. This is the place to hear new norwegian jazz and international top artists. Not into jazz, rather into metal music? Beyond the Gates is the festival for you. Film? Bergen International Film festival is the place. Tattoo art? Bergen International Tattoo Convention is all about ink. Contemporary theatre and dance? Yes, The Oktoberdans and Meteor festivals give you on-the-edge new stageplays. Rock, pop, electronica, rap, R’n B concerts from local and international artists is presented all weekdays.

USF Verftet is a former sardine factory building accommodating five venues for presentation of music, theatre, films and contemporary art, and several artist studios and offices. USF is the major location and cluster for art, film and music and creative enterprises in Norway. Spread out on 12 000 sqm, about 200 people operate independent enterprises within the areas of art, crafts, music, dance, design, literature and film.

Situated on the north-west end of the Nordnes peninsula, the USF building is a landmark in a historic character area, with distinctive features of topography and industry. Former industry buildings and workshops are located to the waterfront, whilst dwelling houses - mostly small wooden houses - on the slopes above. Only few streets are suitable for cars, there are fare more walkways and cobbled alleys. Heritage are linked to the contemporary through the urban hot-spot USF and the preservation of the old buildings and streets in the area. Just a 10-minutes walk from the centre of town through narrow cobblestoned streets leads you to USF Verftet and the open waterfront. Look for the old and very high chimney, visible from quite a distance.

Last updated: 10/25/2022

Source: Visit Bergen

USF Verftet

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