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Ulefos Hovedgaard

Ulefos Hovedgaard offers guided tours in beautiful natural surroundings. Here you can see the development of the manor from 1807 until today.

On the hill above the Ulefoss community, the white jewel Ulefos Hovedgaard is enthroned. A piece of classic European cultural history in the middle of Telemark.

The main building is regarded as the main architectural work of the Napoleonic era in Norway. Here you can experience a manor home in development from 1807 until the present day.

Take a tour of the stately setting and learn more about the historical events and people associated with the place. Here you can see various themed exhibitions, take a walk in the wonderful garden and in the gallery, or have a coffee in the café.

Hovedgaarden is open to the public in June, July and August, if you want a tour outside of this, group tours can be arranged throughout the year.

To book a tour, contact us on tel: (+47) 35 54 45 00

Visit the website for more info here

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Ulefos Hovedgaard

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