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Hauge i Dalane


Experience spectacular accommodation in Tunnelstuo, a disused tunnel from 1921. Sleep in hammocks under two large light openings in a 250-metre-long tunnel.

From the opening next to a stone picnic table, you have a stunning view of the fjord and the valley, surrounded by steep mountainsides. Jøssingfjord is a paradise for mountain climbers. The most popular climbing areas are Hedlersfjellet and Profilveggen. 

Experience the lunar landscape in the area

For hikers who enjoy short hikes, there are 10 marked hiking trails ranging from 1 - 5 hours, where you can see the special moon rock landscapes. One of these hikes goes to "Fladen", a short, but steep hike up 434 steps along a trolley track built in 1918. The hike awards you with wonderful views over the entire fjord. Information board on hikes at the viewing point.

The houses at "Helleren"

Only a few minutes walk from the viewing area, are the houses beneath the natural rock shelters, Helleren, in the bottom of the fjord. Helleren is 10 metres deep, and 60 metres long. The houses date back several hundred years and are located in a conservation area. Archaeologists have found considerable remains of settlements living here for more than 6,000 years.

The houses are open for visitors, however, visitors must show the area the respect and caution it deserves.

Tunnelstuo also serves as a picnic area for cyclists, and you can cycle through. If you arrive by car, there is a parking lot up at the viewing point, where there are also restrooms and bins. From the parking, you follow fv. 44 to the tunnel for approx. 300 metres. 

Booking of hammocks

Send sms to: +47 916 85 725 with the name and address of the tenant and the number of hammocks (send sms to +47 48270602 if you do not get an answer). There are hangings for 10 hammocks but it is possible to hang more hammocks crosswise. Payment is made by Vipps: 107942 Heroes of Haua, or arrange another payment method by phone.

Fonte: Region Stavanger



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