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Troll Museum

Welcome to the Troll Museum - the first museum in Norway dedicated entirely to trolls and fairy tales. Centrally located in Tromsø city, we aim to bring you closer to the magic of Norwegian folk beliefs and the creatures that populate them.

Our museum is a small and cozy venue, and our approach is based on a combination of handmade art, attention to detail and modern technology. The exhibits incorporate augmented reality features which superimpose moving elements and sound to the art you can see. This translates into a unique and different museum experience where you can dip your toes into Norwegian folklore and discover how the idea of trolls has changed over time.

Our Road of trolls exhibit will take you on an insightful journey about all things troll, from the very beginning. Find out what the universe looked like according to the Vikings, read the fairy tales that Norwegian parents have been telling their children for centuries, and see what trolls look like in their natural habitats.

In the Home of the Sea Troll, you will come closer to experiencing life at sea, so important to this region. Meet our very own Sea Troll of Tromsø and find out why he lives up north, explore other myths and sea creatures from the folclore, discover the Sami people, and more!

For more information about activities, visit our website

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Troll Museum

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