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The Svartfjell Trail (12 km)

This is a longer hike that goes along both trails and graveled roads.

This is a longer hike that goes along both trails and graveled roads. This is a hike with beautiful nature, nice mountain trails and you might walk around the big lake "Flaksjøen". If you take the path to the top of Svartfjell you will get rewarded with a stunning view of the Rondane massif. This is a hike that suits children from 10 years and above, but this off course differs depending on the level of experience they have with hiking. There are no difficult parts but the whole hike is quite long.

Follow the graveled road northwards from Spidsbergseter, towards the crossing where you see Flasksjøen. Take to the left and follow the road to the "end" of the lake. Take to the right and follow the road over a small bridge and further on until you are at the base of Svartfjell. From here there's a clear trail (hold to the right) leading to the top of the mountain 1154 meters above sea level. This is our version of "Besseggen". It's an easy hike to the top, but it might tingle a little bit in the stomach for those not very fond of heights. The view from the top is amazing. There is a bench along the path where you are able to eat your lunch or just take a short break. Return the same way as you came, or take to the left at the base of the mountain – towards the small mountain farm. Here you will find a path going on the west side of Flaksjøen, towards Flaksjøsetrene and the last km back to Spidsbergseter along a graveled road.

Maps «sommerturer Venabygdsfjellet» and «Venabygdsfjellet» is to be bought in the reception at the hotel. There are also maps for the game "Stolpejakten" where this route is marked.

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The Svartfjell Trail (12 km)

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