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Østre Toten

The pilgrim trail from Smørvika in Kapp to Steinsjå

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(This is an extract of the Gudbrandsdalsleden vest pilgrims’ path map) 

The pilgrims’ path through Østre Toten: from Smørvika at Kapp to Steinsjå (approx. 14 km)
From Kapp to Gjøvik, the route leads through a unique shoreline landscape. This stretch is characterised by thriving agriculture and a cultural landscape and shoreline largely untouched by technical advances. The route leads past small, rural communities, farmyards, agricultural land, cultivated shoreline areas, swimming spots, wet and dry hardwood forests, and old coniferous woodland.

This is all framed and sheltered by vegetation belts creating a boundary between water, solid ground, and the many different natural habitats. In addition, the light and weather conditions, and of course the vast seasonal changes, make this municipality a particularly diverse and interesting outdoor area.

Enjoy your trip!

Cultural heritage, natural heritage, and other points of interest along the pilgrims’ path from Smørvika at Kapp to Steinsjå:
1.Glemmestad: Petroglyphs with animal motifs found on the beach. These have been moved to Mjøsas Ark at Kapp Melkefabrikk.

Previous leg:
The pilgrims’ path from Hoff church to Smørvika at Kapp – 7 km

Fonte: Visit Innlandet


The pilgrim trail from Smørvika in Kapp to Steinsjå

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