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Nordre Follo

The Pilgrim’s Route 3 Ås-Mastemyr

Pilegrimdsleden ås

Ås – Mastemyr 22 km

From Ås Church you wander by the Årungen lake and then up again towards the Nordby plateau and Nordby Church. On its way through Oppegård the Way follows the old Royal Road, then the ancient road over Grønnliåsen towards Prinsdalen. Here you pass ‘The King’s Table’, an ancient resting place by the road, described by Bishop Jens Nilssøn in the 16th century.


Quality Hotel Mastemyr (at Sofiemyr, some distance from the Way), Lienga 11,

1410 Kolbotn, tel.: +47 66 99 78 00

Last updated: 01/02/2024

Source: Visit Greater Oslo

The Pilgrim’s Route 3 Ås-Mastemyr

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