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The King's Road: Kvamskleiva

The King's Road across Filefjell: Kvamskleiva
- from Syndrol to Hemsing bridge
This historic section of road was opened in 1808 and replaced The Bergen “Kongevei”, which ran along the east side of Vangsmjøsa. Kvamskleiva is dramatic and steep but safe to travel. Along the way you should stop and admire the spectacular view.
Read more about this stage here.

Tips, Advice and Facts:
Length: 4.7 km
Duration: 1-1.5 hours
Season: May 1st  - October 15th
Difficulty rating: Moderate

Along the route is Gamle Kvam lensmannsgard.

Current bus routes and stops:
Local bus over Filefjell (route 138) - Read more
East-West Express - Read more
Valdresekspressen - Read more


Fonte: Valdres Destinasjon


The King's Road: Kvamskleiva

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