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The Coastal Path

The Coastal Path in Halden follows the Iddefjord to Bakke and continues on old roads to Petersburg. On the southern shore of the Iddefjord, where the Norwegian Coastal Path and Bohusleden joins, you can walk all around the Iddefjord. 

The Coastal Path Halden: Iddefjorden-Petersburg 11 km

From Petersburg the path runs over Iddesletta towards Fredriksten Fortress (castle) and the old battlefield before going down to the town. It continues to the harbour and on to the fertile Remmendalen. A short stretch along cycle paths before Isebakke and the fjord. On to the old Svinesund bridge where a historic landscape meets the outer Oslofjord with views of the Hvaler islands and across to Vestfold. The Coastal Path meets the Sarpsborg boundary at the end of Røsneskilen. 

The Coastal Path Halden: Petersburg- Svinesund 21 km

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The Coastal Path

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