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Sputrefossen Waterfall

The "Splashing Waterfall" Sputrefossen (also called Givrisfossen on some maps, after the farm Givre) is one of the biggest attractions in the municipality of Vang. There may be many waterfalls that are larger and higher, but this one has its own peculiarity - the water is spit upwards before falling down. The effect is biggest in early summer after the snow melt, when wtaer levels are high.

Exit the E16 towards Hensåsen and Slettefjellvegen (toll road). It is possible to park the car before the toll bar. 

Walk along Slettefjellvegen uphill for approx. 900 m and follow the signed but otherwise unmarked path that exits to the left in a right bend for another 150 m to the waterfall Sputrefossen. 

Beware of the abyss and watch children well! Stay on the path.

The path continues along the cliff edge for another 500m, and by following it further you can get different perspectives on the waterfall, the gorge, and the pastures and mountains beyond. 

Distance: approx. 1 km one way
Duration: approx. 15 min one way
Elevation gain: approx. 120 m
Suitable for children: Very good, even for the smallest

Fonte: Valdres Destinasjon


Sputrefossen Waterfall

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