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Skreikampen - in winter time


Eidsvoll Municipality's peak (698 masl) is also the highest peak along Lake Mjøsa and offers magnificent views towards Hedemarken (Innlander), where you can see all the way to the mountains around Lillehammer, Østerdalen and Trysil. The top is also a favorite hiking destination in winter, with a cross-country ski trail all the way to the top in open and nice mountain forest.

The trip is well suited for cross-country skiing (when the trail is run up, check Feiring IL or the Ski Association's trail updates), mountain skiing, top touring skiing, snowshoeing and on foot if the summer trail from Øverbygda has been completed.

Our starting point, Øverbygda, is located in the far north of Feiring and in Eidsvoll municipality. Plot Øverbygda on the map, or follow the route description: Drive north on the E6 to the exit before Minnesund. Turn left at the first roundabout, onto Feiringvegen (Fv33) and over the bridge that crosses the E6. Drive straight ahead at the next two roundabouts and continue on Feiringvegen. Drive on Feiringvegen for 18.8 km. Then take Stubberudvegen, exit on the left side of the road. Here is the sign for Skreikampen. From the exit it is approx. 3.5 kilometers on gravel road (first Stubberudvegen, then Øverbygdvegen) to the car park on Øverbygdvegen.

We would encourage all our participants to pay attention to those who live in the area, both in terms of driving and parking.

From Øverbygda there are two alternative routes to the top, depending on the means of transport, but you can also find your own way through the forest if you wish, with a map / compass or a map app on your mobile (eg Bratt or Varsom regobs).

Route 1: cross-country skiing

The second option follows the cross-country ski trail that runs to the top of Feiring IL when there is enough snow. The trail follows up the forest road towards Skomakartjennet and turns off towards Skreikampen at St. Paulsgruve. The trail is scooter-driven and is best suited for classic skiing and skiing with short and long traps. To check the status of the trail, you can check the Ski Association's website or the mobile app iMarka.

Route 2: on foot / snowshoes

The shortest alternative follows the summer trail up through the forest, where there is often a path even in winter. This can be a good alternative for snowshoeing, on foot (if the trail is closed) or skis with long traps (randoneeski, telemarkski, mountain skis). The hiking trail departs from Øverbygdveien and is marked with both Ti on top signs and signs for Skreikampen.

The forest path is clearly marked in blue. In addition, there are signs in some places. Note that, after approx. 1 km, the sign is an alternative route to the top. This is signposted as «Skreikampen via Haralè". This route is about 1.5 km longer, and it is very steep and somewhat rough at the end, before the top. This is unsuitable winter time.

Tip: If you go with randoneeski / telemarkski it can also be fun with a detour to Langtjennåsen, where you can get 100 meters of fun skiing towards Holmtjennet

Google Maps, parking link https://google/maps/MVoFJgirnmqF9DkZ7

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Skreikampen - in winter time

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