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Sauna Boats Telemark "Frank"

Sauna Boats Telemark. Rent the floating sauna boat,Frank, at Klosterøya vest in Skien. Enjoy a relaxing moment and a little everyday luxury.

Sauna Boats Telemark has now got the sauna boat number 2 in place in Skien. The boat named "Frank" is located on Klosterøya west and can accommodate 10 people. In addition to a large changing room, the boat tempts with a nice roof terrace. Heating of the sauna itself takes place via a wood stove.

When you book the sauna you have it for 2 hours and there is room for 10 people in total.
The sauna is open all year round and you must book at least one day in advance.
Remember to bring a towel and swimwear.

Opening hours
The sauna is open from Monday to Sunday between 10:00 and 21:00.
You can bring your own food and drink, but you can not bring food into the sauna.

You can park in the parking garage at Tømmerkaia 1, 3732 Skien. From here it is only 5 minutes to walk to the sauna boat.

The sauna boats to Sauna Boats Telemark
Sauna Boats Telemark owns and operates 3 sauna boats. The sauna boats "Leo" and "Frank" which are located in Skien and "Melvin" which are located by the pier in Porsgrunn. 

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Sauna Boats Telemark "Frank"

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