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SALON du NORD, located at Hotel Victoria, is the perfect meeting place for whenever you are going out dining, to the theatre or to a cabaret. Just the right atmosphere to start your night out.

SALON du NORD first opened as a barbershop and hairdresser in 1900. In a time when craftsmanship was the norm, hospitality was an art, drinking was a connoisseur's game, and great conversation was customary for a good night out. SALON du NORD wants to bring all that back, sprinkle it over ice – and add a gentle splash of modern-day on top.

Coffee, Chats & Craft CocktailsLunch & dinner

During the day, SALON du NORD offers a calm atmosphere with free wi-fi, friendly staff and excellent coffee. At SALON du NORD, you will find small, large and sweet plates, so that you can put together a meal of your individual taste and cravings. Whether you are looking for a private corner or the perfect place to catch up with friends SALON du NORD has a table (or couch) for you.


After dark, SALON du NORD offers a cultural evolution to Stavanger's social scene. Blending the classic nightlife, good music and friendly guests with artful cocktails and aperitifs amid 1900s-style decor.

The menu

The menu, which changes seasonally, comprises mixed drinks, cold beer and a selection of wines. All sourced products and in-house ingredients are fit to exclude artificial additives, colours and unnecessary sugar.

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