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Roundtrip Kriksfjell (16 km)

Explore the mountains in Øyerfjellet and visit some of the most beautiful mountain tops in the area. 

This trip is around 16 km and perfect for those looking to summit as many peaks in a single trip as possible without doing the Seven Peaks Trail. Taking roughly 4- 5 hours to complete and takes in some of the most breathtaking views Øyerfjellet has to offer. 

The trip starts by Pellestova Hotell and goes to Reinsfjell, Kriksfjell and Hitfjell and then back to Pellestova Hotell. You will get great views overlooking Øyerfjellet and the mountains in Jotunheimen and Rondane. Make sure to bring proper clothes, food and drinks so you can enjoy a break at one of the viewpoints.  If you would like more information or a map, you are welcome stop by the front desk at Pellestova Hotell.

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Roundtrip Kriksfjell (16 km)

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