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Hiking path in Halden - From the Swedish border at Vammen to Tistedal, via Aspedammen

This 30 km long hiking path stretches from the Swedish border at Vammen north to Tistedal by Aspedammen. It is a continuation of the Bohusleden from Sweden and passes through an exciting and varied landscape. Olavsleden is a bluemarket trail that runs from Tistedal to Vammen at the Swedish border. The trail crosses Skårefjell where there is placed in a tower. On a clear days, you can from here see the snowmountain fare away. Olavsleden cross the highway at Aspedammen, where it partially follows the skiing trails. At Idd follow the trail hills east of Iddefjorden, where you have a great wiev over the beautiful fjordlandscape. By the cottage Brækka you will come down to the seaside. The trail continue through the Folkå naturereserve, and then follow the beautiful Enningdalsriver in south direction. At the border of Vammen the Olavsleden get linked to the Bohus leden which continues through Bohuslän in Sweden.

Fonte: Halden Turist



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