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Norwegian Petroleum Museum


Norwegian Petroleum Museum: Uncover Norway's offshore industry evolution. Engaging exhibits highlight its pivotal role, in offering immersive experiences.

Norwegian Petroleum Museum – knowledge and experiences

The Norwegian Petroleum Museum is a museum for everyone. Its exhibitions show how offshore operations have become Norway's most important industry, and give you experiences of this activity. How oil and gas are formed, how resources beneath the seabed are found, and how drilling and production are conducted.

Exhibitions at the Norwegian Petroleum Museum

Exhibits present the technological advances made by this sector, and how oil revenues have affected Norwegian society. They also cover the big climate challenge posed by greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.

Activities at the Norwegian Petroleum Museum

The museum has varied activities for children and adults, interactive installations and films. A film you might not expect at this kind of museum – "Oil Kid" is a movie about the industry; doubts and faith, growing up and relationships.

Meetings and shop

An auditorium and meeting rooms can be hired for conferences and meetings. ​​​​​The shop offers interesting gifts or a memento of your visit.

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Norwegian Petroleum Museum


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