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Nidaros Cathedral


Nidaros Cathedral

In the heart of Trondheim is Nidaros Cathedral – an ornate Gothic masterpiece. Norway’s national shrine and northern Europe’s most important pilgrimage site. The cathedral is built over the tomb of Olav the Holy, the Viking king who christianized Norway and became the entire country’s eternal king. Nidaros Cathedral and the Archbishop’s Palace offer many great experiences.

Nidaros Cathedral is the world’s northernmost Gothic cathedral and Norway’s national shrine. Built from the year 1070 at the tomb of St. Olav – the patron saint of Norway and the Viking king who brought Christianity to Norway. In addition to being one of Europe’s most important historical pilgrimage destinations, coronations and royal blessings take place in the church. In the summer months, you can climb the tower. The 172 steps to the top are dark and narrow, but the climb is well worth it because you will be rewarded with an unrivalled view of the city centre.


A tour of Nidaros Cathedral is filled with history and facts about the cathedral’s 850-year history. Take in the impressive stonework and the stunning glass rose window. In high season (June – August) guided tours are offered in Norwegian, English, German or French. Throughout the rest of the year, tours in Norwegian are offered on weekends. If you wish to take a tour of another language in low season, you can send a request.

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The Pilgrim Trails

Trondheim, or Nidaros as the city was called before, was the most important pilgrimage destination in Northern Europe in the Middle Ages. Pilgrims came from far and wide to visit Olav the Holy's tomb. Today, the pilgrimage tradition has been brought back to life, and pilgrims return to Nidaros Cathedral. Explore the Pilgrim trails

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Nidaros Cathedral


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