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Meet live king crab and join us on the beach

Learn more about marine life and how we can protect it.

We take a bus from the center of Honningsvåg to Sarnes, gathering by the seaside, getting a presenation of live king crabs, learning about their way of life. We take a walk along the beach and take a closer look at what we find there. Marjolein in North Cape Tours tells a bit about waste that ends up in the sea and the importance of sorting it at home to take care of the environment around us. It will be possible to pick up rubbish yourself and to get a diploma for your effort. Disposable gloves and garbage bags are handed out. There will be something to drink and a light snack. Return by bus to Honningsvåg after the excursion.

Last updated: 08/14/2023

Source: Book Finnmark

Meet live king crab and join us on the beach

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