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Levanger Photo Museum

Levanger Photo Museum has a collection of about 600 000 negatives, mainly from professional photographers in Nord-Tröndelag, covering a time span of more than 150 years. PHOTO COLLECTIONS Renbjør, Wiseth, Ingulfsvand, Bjerkan, Larsson, Knoph Berents, Fjellanger/Widerøe, Larsson and more. Of particular interest is the Renbjør collection, which contains some of Norway’s earliest photographic material in color. Harald Renbjör pioneered color photography in Norway, starting as early as 1907 with three color photography and Autochrome. He also explored practically every other way of photographing in color. In 1948 Harald and his son Per founded Norway’s first professional color film lab. Renbjør’s collection of three color images, in which you also find Norway’s oldest existing color print from 1907, is rated as one of the five most important collections of it’s kind in the world. The museum is the only institution in the world to have the complete work flow of the three-colour photography process, from negative to finished print. EXHIBITIONS Permanent exhibition: The Renbjør room - about the chemist Harald Renbjør - pioneer in colour photography.  Temporary exhibition (until 15.9.17): Røstad School - from Lindern to Levanger - when school became available for all. OLDEST COLOUR PHOTOGRAPHS IN NORWAY Levanger Fotomuseum has some of the oldest existing color photographs in the country. The Ingulfsvand collection documents the meeting between Norwegian and Sami culture in the Lierne area at the end of the 1800s, to name a few. PHOTO PRESERVATION The museum is the institution charged with photo conservation in North-Trøndelag, providing advice about photo preservation to both institutions and private individuals. The museum is consolodation under Stiklestad Nasjonale Kultursenter.

Last updated: 06/19/2023

Source: Innherred Reiseliv

Levanger Photo Museum

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