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Lauvlia - Th. Kittelsens artist home in Sigdal

Home of the artist Th. Kittelsen in Sigdal
Lauvlia was the home of the artist Theodor Kittelsen (Th. Kittelsen, 1857–1914). This much-loved artist is well known for his fairytale illustrations and evocative paintings of people and trolls, animals and landscapes. Kittelsen moved with his family to their new home Lauvlia i 1899 – into a fairytale landscape.

Kittelsen's own carvings and painted motifs can still be found both inside and outside the house, which makes Lauvlia a very personal memorial to the popular artist. Lauvlia is set in beautiful surroundings on the shores of the lake Soneren in Sigdal, with views of the mountains of Andresnatten, Båneberget, Eggedalsfjella and Norefjell.

The years spent in Lauvlia were happy ones for the family, and the most productive period for Kittelsen as an artist. Among the paintings made here are the series «Soria Moria Slot» and «Tirilill Tove». The Sigdal landscape inspired his lyrical depictions of nature, both in summer and winter.

Lauvlia is open for guided tours during the summer and has new themed exhibitions every year. Visitors are given a personal guided tour of the artist's home and learn about family life in Lauvlia and about Kittelsen's art.

- Coffe and waffles, local food and drink available from Mrs Inga Kittelsen's kitchen window.
- Shop selling reproductions of Th.Kittelsen's art, wooden toys, books, cards etc.
- "Gamleveien" (The Old Road) is a signposted culture trail with the artist's motifs
- Bathing in the lake Soneren

Lauvlia –a magical land for children
Two of the buildings are dedicated to activities for children, where they can paint or make their own toys. There is also a children's trail, or the kids can follow in the footsteps of Kittelsen up to "Flya" and be inspired to paint a picture outdoors. Easels and brushes are ready for use!

Guided tours and activities for groups with children and adults can be booked in advance.

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Opening times:
28 May – 25 September. Saturday and Sunday 11.00–17.00
20 June – 12 August. Monday – Sunday 11.00–17.00 (Guided tour on the hour in the artist's home)

Please contact us for group bookings or to book visits outside normal opening hours.

Adults NOK 110
Group price, adults NOK 90
Children and groups of children NOK 80
Adventure card. Free entry for cardholder and companion.

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Lauvlia - Th. Kittelsens artist home in Sigdal

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