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Holmsbu - Rodtangen hike

Explore the most beautiful part of the Asker coastline filled with history, rare vegetation and lovely view.

Coastal culture, charming bays, an artist paradise and Norway's oldest grave can be found here in beautiful Holmsbu.

Asker has a coastline that stretches from Lier around the Hurum Peninsula up to Holmen. The coastal culture here is linked to both international timber trade, fishing and hunting, leisure and recreation, ice export and more. The beautiful light reflected in the red Drammen granite at the far end of Hurumlandet attracted artists such as Henrik Sørensen to come and live here.

The area by Holmsbu-Rødtangen contains traces of coastal culture all the way back to the Stone Age. Some of Buskerud's oldest grave monuments are located on Rødtangen. Here we find the only preserved Stone Age dolmen (Stone Age tomb) in Norway.

The old farm Holtnes is located on the hill above Rødtangen and is an important part of this cultural environment. Rødtangen also has a number of old buildings that tell about the place's history as a customs place and later a holiday resort. In Holmsbu, the old settlement structure is preserved with many old buildings and small white houses and facilities that tell about the town's history as a charging station for the timber trade, fishing industry and later tourism.

There are good parking opportunities at Rødtangveien in a short distance to Dyssegrava. This is a good starting point for a walk along the coastal path.

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Holmsbu - Rodtangen hike

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