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Hiking to Kolsåstoppen

Kolsåstoppen is a well-known peak in Bærum easily accessible by T-bane or bus. It is known for its beautiful paths and splendid view overlooking the Oslo fjord. Kolsåstoppen consisting of two peaks, Nordre Kolsåsbanen which is 379 m and Southern Kolsåsbanen which is 342 m. It is also one of the biggest climbing fields in the Oslo area.

Kolsåstoppen is a well-known profile of residents in Asker and Bærum. Between the peaks lies an idyllic small lake "Seterstjern". Once you have arrived at the top you are rewarded with a breathtaking panoramic view over Oslo, Bærum and Oslo Fjord. Parts of Kolsåstoppen located within Kolsåstoppen nature reserve is part of the Dælivannet conservation area. Dælivannet was a popular spot for painters and some paintings from this area are hanging in the National Museum. Near to the lake there is an area with old rock carvings of boats

There are two different routes to the south peak of Kolsås where the view is spectacular. Enjoy!

Tour 1 - from Stein Gård

From Stein Gård there is a blue-marked path and the sign for Setertjern. The path goes a little south of Knabberud farm and follows a steep slope to the south, before some ascent up to Setertjern. From there it is signposted further south to Søndre Kolsås. Here the view must be enjoyed a bit, before you follow the blue markings further down from the top. The upper part here is steep, but is partly arranged with stairs and railings. The path takes you down to a gravel road where you walk north past the KIFhytta, here you have the opportunity to make use of benches and seating and just enjoy the beautiful view. Continue on the east side of the summit back to Stein Gård.

Tour tip: From Setertjern, we recommend taking the trip to Gråmagan, an approx. 300 m detour. Here you can see remains of an old village castle from the migration period.

The trail is approximately 6.8 km long, moderately difficult to complete with some steep sections. About 2 hours of walking each way.

Practical info: You can take public transport: Bus 150 to Stein Gård. By car: Parking at Stein Gård, on the north side of rv168 or at Kolsåsbakken.

Tour 2 – from Hauger subway station (line 3 Kolsås)

The route is shorter and family friendly. From Hauger station, you follow the road up the hill before you come to a wide footpath that turns into a path further in. The walk is well marked, follow the signs. Some scrambling for a short stretch and some steep sections towards the end - it's well worth it. Railings and steps are set up in certain sections.

The trip takes about 25-30 minutes at a fast pace or 45 minutes at a family-friendly pace each way.

Up for a longer hike (1,5 hours) this is great tour to combine going over Kolsåstoppen via Nordre Topp and down to Stein Gård or down to Bærums Verk for a refreshment/meal at one of the local restaurants and cafés. 

Remember to pack sufficient water and a snack.

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Hiking to Kolsåstoppen

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