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Hike from Åkrasanden beach to Ferkingstad

Åkrasanden at Karmøy have been voted the most beautiful beach in Norway. The hiking trip along the beach is an exciting walk in the coastal landscape between Åkra and Ferkingstad. Experience the culture and nature in perfect harmony.

The walk starts next to the Red Cross cabin, located at the beach car parking. The path is not marked, but easy to spot in the terrain. At the end of the beach you arrive at Liknes. Here you will have to take a 90 degree turn to the left, and you continue on the farm road till you reach the asphalt road. Continue on this road till you reach the intersection between Søre- and Nordre Liknesveg. Keep to the right and continue till you reach a new "farm road".

When you walk on the farm road you will see two small monoliths on the right hand. They mark the graves of King Augvald's daughter, Skjoldamøyane (the Valkyries). Keep right at the next point where the road cross, and take the road south towards Ferkingstad harbour. Continuing west along the south side of the harbour, and go south towards Hop. On the path you will pass "Fisherman's Memorial", a consecrated altar and cross, which is remembrance of local fishermen who have lost their lives at sea. South of the memorial site you will find the remains of two 30-meter long boathouses that were used in the Viking Age. They are believed to be part of King Ferking's farm. Return the same way as you came.

About the trail: - All year - Grading: Green. Suitable for most people (not wheel-chair). - Hiking shoes / Sneakers - Length – 6 km/ 2 hours, tour/detour (3 km and 1 hour each way). This is estimates total time, pause not included in estimate. - Trial is easy and marked.  

Equipment and clothing: Hiking shoes / sneakers and wind-proof jacket. In summertime jacket may be dropped.  Time-estimate does not include pause, but there are lots of nice places to sit down to enjoy the view or if you bring lunch with you.

How to get here: - Access: With car from Haugesund, go south on Fv. 47 to Åkrehamn, 23,8 km / 30 min. - Parking: next to Red Cross house, located at the car parking next to the beach. - Bus: Kolumbus local bus nr. 209, 210 and X 210 from Haugesund to Åkrehamn.


Fonte: Destinasjon Haugesund & Haugalandet


Hike from Åkrasanden beach to Ferkingstad

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