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Guided tour to Urkeegga in Hjørundfjord


Join on a spectacular hike to Urkeegga and enjoy the view in a hammock! At the top of Urkeegga there is a gapahuk with hooks for your hammock.

The tour will start by the dock at Urke. Here you will get to know one another and talk about the forthcoming adventure. Furthermore, they drive the bus to the parking lot below Urkeegga. This will take about 5 minutes.

The hike goes mainly through steep terrain. You should have some experience with similar rough terrain beforehand. Just after 15 minutes the view will unfold majestically. When you are out of the woods, you will view the wonderful Sunnmøre alps and Hjørundfjord. You will follow the ridge with Slogen at the end. There are amazing mountains on all sides and quite steep down to the fjord.


After about 2 hours you will arrive at Egilbu, which is a beautiful little "gapahuk". At Egilbu you will rest, hang the hammocks and enjoy life. From then on you will continue further on the mountain ridge and walk down the valley to the parking lot. It is also possible to walk the same way down as we walked up. Your guide will bring hammocks. Take in a deep breath at the top and take the best pictures for social media.


Local guide

Simple taste of Sunnmøre

Bring with you

Clothes according to the weather

Water and food for the hike

Hiking backpack

Hiking shoes

Cap/ sunglasses


Who can join the hike?

This hike fits for you who have some experience with mountain hiking and wish for a spectacular hike without any dangers. There will not be need of any rope for safety but some parts may feel exposed.



Fonte: Ålesund & Sunnmøre


Guided tour to Urkeegga in Hjørundfjord


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