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Galdhøpiggen | Guided tour from Juvasshytta


Juvasshytta lies 1850 m.a.s.l., and is a natural starting point for trips to Norway's highest mountain - Galdhøpiggen.

Hiking to Galdhøpiggen - the highest mountain in Norway from Juvasshytta  - guided tour over the glacier Styggebrean: 

Juvasshytta lies 1840 m.a.s.l., and is a natural starting point for trips to Norway's highest mountain. For safety reasons, participants on these tours walk on a rope. In the summer season there are daily guided tours to the top.

The trip from Juvasshytta to the top of Galdhøpiggen is about 5 km long - with an increase of 650 vertical meters. The trip is about 12 km. long and takes normally 5-7 hours (round trip from Juvasshytta).

High season from the beginning of June to the Middle of September. (Contact Juvasshytta for trips before June 1st) 

Guided trip hours during the summer: 
09:00 - for guests
10:00 - for everyone, booking in advance. A minimum of 5 persons 
11:30 - for everyone, booking in advance. A minimum of 5 persons 

Aboute the trek:
The trek starts by the climbing wall at the west side of the main building at Juvasshytta, by the information boards. The guides arrive approximately 15-30 min before departure, depending on the amount of participants on the given day. 

Practical information is given.

Harnesses are distributed and adjusted.

Children will use a full-body harness, which requires more adjustments. Our guides take care of this. If needed, we also supply crampons.

The first leg of the trek goes to the edge of the glacier. It's a gradual climb of approximately 2,8 km (1,7 miles). The first break is at the edge of the glacier. It's important that the participants of the trek adjust to this, and do not take their own breaks before the edge of the glacier. Everyone should eat something before the trip starts and have water easily available. Adjust clothing as you walk, and drink regularly.

This part of the trek takes a little less than an hour. If the participants take too long (more than 1,5 hours) to arrive at the edge of the glacier, the guide can ask you to discontinue the trip for your own safety and in consideration of the rest of the group. At the edge we have our first break. It's important to consider your clothing before embarking on the crossing of the glacier, as there will be no opportunities to adjust clothing during the crossing.

Crossing the glacier:
Everyone gets information and basic knowledge of glacier crossing: 
- A tight rope between the participants during the crossing is important.
- Those who wish to be in the same rope team (friends and family) are responsible for lining up together by the ropes.
- Take families into consideration here, so that children don't have to walk alone!

The glacier crossing takes approximately 50 min. Participants then arrive at Piggura (the scree of the peak). Here the rope teams are disassembled, and you have a short break. From this point the steepest part of the trip begins. After 30 min - 1h almost everyone will arrive at the peak.

There is a good break at the peak. Remember to say hello to "Piggjeguten" ("The Peak Boy") in his cabin!

The return:
The guides will organize a meetup-time either at the peak or by the ropes. Follow their instructions and consider some extra time on the descent. Important! Some people need more time than others, and it's important to respect this. If the weather is bad, everyone will go up and down together. It is an achievement to reach the summit of Galdhøpiggen. Even if the weather and the view are not the best, people are contented by reaching a goal. We would like for the trek in itself to be a goal.


We can experience pretty rough weather on our treks to Galdhøpiggen, and it can change quickly. If the participants are not dressed appropriately or badly equipped for the conditions, our guides can refuse to bring participants on the trek for safety reasons.

Things to bring/use on the trek 
- Good shoes, preferrably hiking shoes etc. (no sneakers!). Hiking shoes can be rented at Juvasshytta. 
- Gaiters can be good to have - especially in June/July. 
- Sunglasses
- Warm hat
- Mittens
- Sunscreen. 
- Water resistant and windproof outerwear (both pants and jacket)
- Change of inner clothes

We have a mountain-shop where equipment and clothing is sold at regular store prices.

Fonte: Visit Jotunheimen AS


Galdhøpiggen | Guided tour from Juvasshytta


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