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Fyrst og Fremst | Glacier hikes


Glacier tour in Jotunheimen - explore the blue ice with the adventure company Fyrst og Fremst! 

Glacier tour in Jotunheimen - explore the blue ice with the adventure company Fyrst og Fremst!

Spending a day at the blue ice of Bøverbreen or Svellnosbreen suits everyone that wish to experience a glacier in safe circumstances. During the day you will learn about the the glaciers and how they have shaped the landscape of our country through thousands of years. Depending on the conditions we seek to explore formations like crevasses, icy towers and tunnels.

In the area of Jotunheimen we have glaciers in various forms. The flat glaciers with few cracks are often used to gain access to a mountain, while the more spectacular glaciers are used for adventures on ice.

Fyrst og Fremst keep the focus on making you aware of what we have around us of flora and fauna, formations in the ice and history behind this. On this hike we explore a glacier with what it has to offer of cracks, tunnels and icetowers. Prepare for a relaxed and pleasant trip where sharpend senses are in focus!

A trip to Bøverbreen from Krossbu Tourist Hut takes about 5-6 hours, and by this we get about 3 hours on the ice. Svellnosbreen have slightly longer entry from Spiterstulen Tourist Hut, but give a much time on the ice. On a glacier hike we have plenty of time, and we adapt program an level after the participants desire.

Bringing kids to the glacier:
We have brought many 6 year olds who love exploring the glacier. The tour is normally 6km, which makes it possible to experience with the whole family.

The glaciers are always beautiful, but can usually be more spectacular towards the end of summer.

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Last updated: 12/13/2022

Source: Visit Jotunheimen AS

Fyrst og Fremst | Glacier hikes


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