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Fram Museum Event

Capacity of 116 in plenary, 20 minutes distance Nationaltheatret Train Station

Special events or a dinner at the Fram Museum and on board the polar ship Fram - a place for people who want to experience a unique part of polar history while enjoying good food and drinks. The Fram Museum has a capacity of up to 400 people, and can offer everything from a tasty tapas menu on deck to an exclusive Arctic-inspired eight-course dinner served in the salon of the polar ship Fram. What about offering your customers a cocktail and some original Norwegian snacks on the Fram before dinner? • mingling parties/flying buffet for up to 400 persons, using the whole museum • sit-down dinner for 200 persons in the Gjøa building • sit-down dinner for 90 persons on the main deck (150 persons for standing buffet) • exclusive dinner for 8 in Nansen's salon, for 20 in Amundsen's salon

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Fram Museum Event

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