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Dog sledding near Brumunddal

Try this fast-paced and fun out door activity together with our experienced dog sled drivers near Brumunddal.

Dog sledding with good-natured huskies and local, experienced mushers is a great, exciting and fun nature experience!

Sled on snow in open forest terrain, and solid carriages or kick bikes on forest roads in autumn and spring.

The experience begins with a meeting at one of the Treetop huts lean-to shelters. The meeting will contain preparations of the dogs. You will get personal and exclusive training from our very nice mushers, Anne and Trond. Everything will be adapted for you and your wishes. If you are lucky the mushers will show you their puppies which you can cuddle with before or after the sledding. Hot beverages will be served in a cozy atmosphere around a bonfire.

Your security is important! The musher will be sledding in front.
The whole experience takes approximately 1-2 hours. Dress warm!

Dog sledding can easily be combined with a stay in one of our Tree top huts. However, you can of course also booke a tour without accommodation.

When there is no snow a fast-paced experience is offered with kick bikes for people over 14 years, or rides with carriages for all ages in double carriages. Take control of the carriage yourself or be a passenger. The trip is about 6km long. If you want another round or a longer trip, ask the mushers if it’s possible. 

On snow with sleds, normally from early December. The standard route is about 4km long, passing trees, viewing points and open marshlands in the forest. It’s a great experience also for families with young children and others that don't want a long and tiring trip. One is controlling the sled, and one is sitting in the sled. It's possible to change spots during the trip. Children, or adults, can also be a passenger in the mushers sled if they want to. 

Are you looking for a more challenging trip, longer trips, or trips during the dark hours with headlights or moonlight, you are free to agree this with the mushers.

Price for standard trip:
Adults: 899,- / person
Half price for children between 4-12.
Children under 4 years are free.  

How to book:
Send an email
We need to know: namephone numberwhich treetop hut you are staying at, arrival date, and the amount of adults and children (over 4 and under 12 years).
The dog handlers will contact you.
If you would like to book dog sledding without having booked a treetop hut, we recommend booking our Lavvo.

Welcome to an pleasant and magical experience!

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Dog sledding near Brumunddal

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