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Café & kiosk at Flørli


Kraft Kafé & Kiosk in Flørli i Lysefjorden is an intimate and original café serving coffee, cakes, waffles, lunch plates and traditional Norwegian warm meals.

The café is located in the historic hydropower hall from 1916. The intimate café serves coffee, cakes, waffles, lunch plates and a number of traditional Norwegian dishes. 

There is also a kiosk with basic necessities and a little souvenir shop.

Only groups larger than 10 need to preorder.

The hydropower hall itself is a must-see in Flørli. In the large turbine hall, you can see an original turbine and visit the control room. The exhibition tells the tale of this feat of engineering, through pictures, artifacts and video.

Last updated: 09/11/2023

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke

Café & kiosk at Flørli


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