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Birdwatching: Gjølsjøen birdtower, Marker

With binoculars around your neck and a field manual in your pocket, you're ready to hit the road!

The Gjølsjøen nature reserve is a wetland area in Marker municipality that was protected in 1992.

The area has a particularly interesting nesting bird fauna. The sea is also an important catchment area for many species. The nature reserve covers an area of ​​1198 acres, of which approx. 211 acres is land area. Gjølsjøen is a narrow and 5 km long, nutritious lake, surrounded by cultural landscape and spruce dominated mixed forest.

At Gjølsjøen there are two bird towers. We recommend it by being located on the south side of the bridge as it is most easily accessible.

How to find:
Take the RV. 21 south from E18 (exit to Ørje), drive approx. 5 km. Turn left towards Kasbo. After approx. 1 km cross the road Gjølsjøen, now you see the tower on the opposite side. There is a parking pocket just before the bridg

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Birdwatching: Gjølsjøen birdtower, Marker

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