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Bakklandet Skydsstation

In unique premises, Baklandet Skydsstation is a peaceful and idyllic café where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks in old-fashioned surroundings. Happy and pleasant hosts serve you homemade food, they themselves have prepared at the house. We are located in beautiful Bakklandet, not far from Gamle Bybro and the world's only bike lift.

The farm used to have been run by a caravan shop and a skydsstation, but this has not been documented. From the 1860s there was a hat-making shop in the farm. The house belonged to Martha Klokseth and later carpenter Ingebrigt Eide at the end of the 19th century.
In the years 1896-1944 there were milk outlets in the farm, which received their goods from Melhus dairy. There has also been a carpentry workshop, cleaning and ironing activities, tailoring and a very early version of truck transport on the farm's ground floor. It is later established on the condition of antiquarian principles and today appears well-maintained, with a plethora of interesting antiquarian details. The commissioning makes the house an attraction in itself.

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Bakklandet Skydsstation

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