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Bakken gard in Lysefjorden


Bakken gard is a wonderful old farm located halfway in Lysefjorden, between Bratteli and Songesand. The Stavanger Trekking Association owns the cabin. 

The facility has undergone extensive renovation and offers an exciting history.

Bakken gard is unattended, which means that there is no provisions store. You must therefore bring all the food you need. In the cottage there is what you need to cook, wash up and clean: kitchen utensils, crockery, soap and cloths. The wood-fired outdoor pizza oven is very popular.

There is solar power (220v), gas, wood burning and candles. The guests arrange their own cooking, water collection, washing up, washing the floor, and otherwise cleaning the cabin inside and out. There are duvets and pillows in the beds. But you must bring your own bedding set or sheet bag.

Operating degree: Unattended

Beds: 34 beds

Key: Unlocked

Fonte: Reisemål Ryfylke


Bakken gard in Lysefjorden


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