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Bø i Telemark


Bø river at the suspension bridge. Nice swimming grounds at the Bø river about 5.5km from Bø toward Seljord. Norheimtjønna. Right after Svenseid on the way to Lunde take a left turn. A few hundred meters from the main road there is are nice swimming grounds. Gonge Located on Drangedalsheia. The water is warm fairly early. Langen. Nice, long swimming grounds in Landsmarka (with sand). Nomestrand. Right between Lune and Ulefoss is Nomestrand. Nice swimming grounds. Patmos. Nice swimming grounds with sculpture park at Akkerhaugen, about 15km from Bø. Telnessanden Camping on the lake, Seljordsvannet. Telemark's longest and most beautiful natural sandy beach. 18km from Bø toward Seljord. Minigolf, raft, snack bar, and more!

Last updated: 01/02/2024

Source: Visit Bø


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