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The Rysstad nature park - return trip 4 km

Take a walk in Rysstad Turpark, nature park, just south of the centre of Rysstad. The park is signposted from Highway 9. From the car park, a path leads up the "Bakalian" hillside, past an old mill. Many places you will find benches where you can take a rest on your way up. At the top there is a delightful view of Rysstad. The path continues northwards, and you`ll come to a forest road with signposts indicating the way back to the car park.

Feeling warm after the walk? Take a dip in the river below the waterfall.
Completing the walk will take you about two hours. The trip will be suitable for nearly everybody, even though parts of it is a bit steep.

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Last updated: 08/09/2023

Source: Setesdal

The Rysstad nature park - return trip 4 km

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