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At Lindesnes, in the southern part of Norway, Under will give our visitors the possibility to experience a mysterious, but amazing underwater world unknown to most. We want to be your eye to the local, marine ecosystem.

In Norwegian, “under” has the dual meaning of ”below” and ”wonder”. Half-sunken into the sea, the building’s 34-meter long monolithic form breaks the surface of the water to rest directly on the seabed five meters below.

A Michelin star restaurant
​​​​​Southernmost Norway received it's first Michelin star when Under underwater restaurant was awarded one star in the 2020 edition of the prestigious Michelin guide. Under also recived one star in the 2021 edition of the Michelin guide.

The restaurant seats 35-40 dinner guests every night, in a dining room protected by half a meter-thick concrete walls. Its culinary focus is to create a fine dining experience based on high quality, locally-sourced produce, with a special emphasis on sustainable wildlife capture. Danish expatriate Nicolai Ellitsgaard from acclaimed restaurant Måltid in Kristiansand is the Head Chef, bringing an international, 16-person kitchen team with experience from top Michelin restaurants.

Last updated: 08/04/2023

Source: Visit Lindesnes



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