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Want to try another way of experiencing the forest? Want to learn how to use a map and a compass whilst being out in nature and in activity? Then orienteering is something for you. Orienteering is a great way of exercising if you are active in other sports.

You can read more about the Orienteering Association's activity offer in their folder "O-lefsa" or on their website. (Only in Norwegian). 

Set trails for the summer
Both in Leveld and in Torpo (Syningen) you can try two different orienteering trails whenever it suits you. A short trail of 2,5 - 3 km and a longer on of 4,5 - 5 km. There are 10 posts on each trail. Around the 1. August new trails will be available in the same areas.

The trails are suitable for beginners, but the knowledge on how to read a map is an advantage as part of the trails are only marked with the posts. 

See the orienteering associations website for detailed maps, descriptions of the posts and recommended starting points.  

Orienteering race on Thursdays 
The orienteering association put up new posts every Thursday from mid May until September. See the schedule on their website. This is an offer for everybody, from beginners to more experienced runners. Those who wish can have some instruction prior to the race.  

10 favorite hikes in Ål
The orienteering association is a co-host in Ål52's hiking programme "10 favorite hikes in Ål."

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