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Klöckers Hus / Arendal town museum

Klöckers hus is a museum displaying how a well-off family lived more than 100 years ago. Part of the museum displays the home of the sailor.

The building was built as a private residence in 1826 by Johannes Nicolai von Klöcker. It is built in an empire style and clearly influenced by the building style of Copenhagen. Here are furniture from the 1800s. The parts of the house in the back are from the 1600s. The house was privately owned until 1982, when it was taken over by Stiftelsen Klöckers Hus - a local philanthropic organisation. Today this building is a museum displaying how a well-off family lived at the time. There is a living room, dining room, office and kitchen, and a wash-house with a baking oven. Part of the museum displays the home of the sailor, a small apartment in the back of the building, where a sailor lived with his family. In Klöckers Hus you can also find the old village shop with interiors from the last century. Here it is still possible to buy sugar candy, oldfashioned candy, homemade jam, local historical magazines, and postcards with pictures from old Arendal etc. The house landau, which has transported royalty visiting Arendal in the 1900s, is in the stable. You can also find the worlds largest display of model ships in bottles here, made by Kjell Birkeland. The collection consists of 655 models ships in bottles, and is noted in the Guinness World Record 2014. Usually open: Tuesday-Friday kl. 10-15   Saturday kl. 10-14 Check their facebookpage for updated opening hours.

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Klöckers Hus / Arendal town museum

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