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Glass lift to viewpoint in Arendal

Take the new glass elevator to the top of Fløyheia and enjoy the breathtaking view over Arendal, the islands Hisøy and Tromøy and Galtesund fjord. This new tourist attraction opened on August 6th 2021 in Arendal!

Take the glass lift to Fløyheia and enjoy the beautiful view of the city and the sea!

It is free of charge to use the lift.

In connection with the new county governor's building on Fløyheia, a lift connection has been built to connect the area on Fløyheia with the city center.

This lift will have two lift chairs with a capacity of a total of 42 people and it will be adapted with space for a wheelchair and bicycle. Access is 50 meters inside the city tunnel. From here the lifts go approx. 40 m in the mountains before they reach a 20 meter high glass shaft, where there will be a spectacular panoramic view of Arendal center, the fjord Galtesund, the islands of Tromøy and Hisøy. From the lift, there will be a footbridge into the planned square area in front of the county governor's building.

The lifts will be open to the public from kl. 06:00 to 22:00 every day. Free of charge during the day.

The lift project is financed by Arendal municipality, Fylkeskommunen and Fløyveien 14 AS which is a company owned by Arendal municipality.

Arendal Eiendom KF will operate the lift.

Fonte: Arendal Turistkontor


Glass lift to viewpoint in Arendal

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