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Nationaltheatret, Hovedscenen

Vildanden + En Folkefiende - Enemy of the Duck

  • Johanne Dybwads plass 1, Oslo
  • +47 22001400
  • 14 ottobre 2016 - 29 novembre 2016
  •  /  19:30
  • (16 Upcoming Dates)

Icelandic director Thorleifur Örn Arnarsson has dreamed of bringing together Henrik Ibsen's An Enemy of the People and The Wild Duck for a long time. With a critical view, he debates power-hungry white men from the middle class, who have neither the capability to see themselves from another perspective, nor the capability to compromise.

The result is an expressive and psychologically laden production, where Gregers Werle and Tomas Stockmann are portrayed as the same man. Wholesale dealer Werle and Peter Stockmann are also melted into one character, Gregers’s brother Peter Werle. Peter can lose everything if both secrets are revealed, while Gregers is willing to sacrifice everything in the name of the truth. The result is an Ibsenian Cain and Abel story.

This time events unroll 130 years later, in present day Norway. The topic is no longer toxic waters, but oil rigs belonging to Northern Oil & Gas, where Peter is the CEO.Vildanden + En folkefiende – Enemy of the Duck has an original score, and is a contrasting, intense and aesthetic Ibsen montage posing the question: Is the truth always the right path?

Vildanden + En Folkefiende  – Enemy of the Duck

Director: Thorleifur Örn Arnarsson
Composer: Bjarni Frimann

Actors: Mads Ousdal, Eindride Eidsvold, Nader Khademi, Kai Remlov, Andrea Bræin Hovig, Kjersti Tveterås, Frøydis Armand, Lasse Lindtner, Anders Mordal, Terje Strømdahl

Dancers: Elisabeth Buer Vase, Emily Natalie Su, Ida Eline Wøien, Tuva Holen, Louise Tofte Røir

The performance is part of the 2016 International Ibsen Festival. Performed in Norwegian with English subtitles during the festival (8-15 September).

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Lunedì, 24 ottobre 2016

Martedì, 25 ottobre 2016

Mercoledì, 26 ottobre 2016

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Lunedì, 28 novembre 2016

Martedì, 29 novembre 2016

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Vildanden + En Folkefiende - Enemy of the Duck
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