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On the verge. Sidsel Paaske (1937–1980)

  • Bankplassen 4, Oslo
  • +47 21982000
  • 3 gennaio 2017 - 26 febbraio 2017
  •  /  11:00 to 17:00
  • (4 Upcoming Dates)

"We play while we practice", was Sidsel Paaske's motto in life. During her short artistic career, Paaske was always open to new ideas and expressed herself in many different media. She started out as a textile artist, but was quick to break into new “ism-free” territory. Her innate desire to experiment caused her to throw herself into a range of different styles, and she moved freely among different media: watercolour, oil painting, textiles, enamel, music, text, book illustration, sculpture and jewellery.

Paaske was a key figure in Oslo's art scene in the years 1965–80. Her sculpture Brent fyrstikk [Extinguised Match] (1966) has been described as Norway's first example of pop art. At the time of her sudden death, aged just 43, Paaske had held around ten solo exhibitions and had participated in as many group shows. She had sung with the American jazz musician Don Cherry and had published, illustrated, curated and debated and been an active member of Norwegian artists' organizations. 

There was, however, not a single mention of Paaske when volume 7 of Norsk Kunsthistorie, the standard Norwegian art historical reference work, was published only three years after her death. This exhibition seeks to understand why there has been so little awareness of such a complex and interesting artistic practice as Paaske's in the decades following her death. The exhibition is based on an extensive research project conducted over recent years by curator Stina Högkvist. 

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On the verge. Sidsel Paaske (1937–1980)
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