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Kvernes Stave Church

Experience Kvernes Stave Church in Averøy, a 30 min drive from Kristiansund and The Atlantic Road. This is Norway's only stave church built after the Middle Ages, in the period 1631 - 33.

Kvernes Stave Church is a beautiful and quite special stave church. New research in 2020 discovered the true age of Kvernes Stave Church, it was built in the period 1631 – 33, and not in the 13th century as previously agreed! This makes Kvernes unique: Norway’s only stave church built after the Middle Ages.

Inside the church you will see the choir screen with crucifix and royal monogram, baroque pulpit, painted acanthus decorations. The altarpiece is from 1475.

An attraction between the city of Kristiansund and the Atlantic Road

Located with a magnificent view over the Kvernes fjord and the Frei fjord. The church is only about 25 min drive from the big attraction; the Atlantic Road. In Nordmøre there are two stave churches, one at Kvernes and Grip stave church on the small island of Grip. At Kvernes, guide service is available, and it is highly attractive for visitors, also larger groups. Open daily during summer.

Next door to Kvernes Stave Churchyou will find Old Kvernes Rural Museum and the more recent Kvernes church (1893) is also located nearby. Exit the RV64 by Bruhagen towards Kvernes.

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Kvernes Stave Church

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