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Trolltunga Active


Experience one of the most spectacular rock formations in the world together with Trolltunga Active.The activity company and their specially trained guides offered a double number of exciting activities on and around Trolltunga with sustainability, high quality, wow factor and not least safety in focus.

Some great tips for hiking with Trolltunga Active:

Trolltunga Sunset / Sunrise - A unique overnight adventure in a see-through dome with comfortable facilities.

Trolltunga Winter & Trolltunga Winter Sunset (pre packaged) - Avoid the summer crowds, put on your snowshoes on and experience Trolltunga covered in snow and ice.

Winter Adrenaline for experts (pre-packaged) - Put on your skis and explore the freeride eldorado Røldal - perfect for skilled skiers looking for memorable adrenaline experiences.

Winter Adrenaline for beginners (pre packaged) - Put on your skis and explore the freeride eldorado Røldal - perfect for those who wants to learn more about skiing.

Trolltunga & other mountain peaks (pre packaged) - Bring friends, colleagues and/or your partner on a spectacular winter experience on Trolltunga and other striking mountain peaks in Hardanger.

Trolltunga Via Ferrata - Cycling, hiking, and climbing. Finally, you will climb 250 meters up a mountain to reach the highlight; Trolltunga

Rib Boat Fjord Safari - A high-speed adventure that combines nature, history, and culture in the fjord landscape. The tour can also be combined with cider tasting and a guided tour at Agatunet.

Here you will find all the exciting activities for Trolltunga Active!

Welcome to Odda and Trolltunga!

Last updated: 10/10/2023

Source: Destination Hardanger Fjord AS

Trolltunga Active


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